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Re: Kids Books

We've always had a lot of books for my daughter and she spends a lot of time looking at her books and having them read to her. Even with so many, she seems to love them all and she has them all memorized. Seriously. When my husband reads to her (which is daily), he reads them slower and stops on every page to come up w/ what the characters might be thinking or saying, even the extra animals and cars and stuff that aren't real characters in the story. She even repeats this stuff when I read to her. I worry that it's going to harm the process of learning to read so I've kept some of the older ones aside for later so I can tell the difference between her reading and her reciting. So basically I'm confused b/c I feel like Payne is saying that with less books, the kids will concentrate more, but when my kid already has the books memorized and points out little details on the page, and not just the ones her dad found, I wonder how much more she could analyze these books. I think we'll always have more books than Payne suggests, but having to rely on the library more will give DD more variety and we'll have less clutter in our house.

BTW, can you imagine how much we've collectively gotten rid of? Just in this thread alone, we've posted that we've gotten rid of a few hundred.
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