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Re: Fever and daycare policies

Originally Posted by firsttimeclothmomma View Post
eek.. sorry. I worked 12 hours and couldn't get back to the thread until now.

I appreciate and understand all views. I knew when I posted it was going to sound like I was just trying to drop a sick kid with DCP and run. It's totally not the case. I appreciate what doodah says and I agree - I would be PO'd as a parent if my healthy kid was at daycare with a kiddo who was legit sick all the time. I absolutely do not blame DCP for her policies. But as others have pointed out, when you work out of home, it gets dicey to keep missing so many days in the month just because of a 100.2 fever and no other symptoms.

As I said, DCP is really wonderful and flexible. I think around 102 she starts to put her foot down but below that and she's fine with giving them meds with our consent and making sure they're acting/eating relatively okay. I think I feel more guilty about it than her most of the time. I don't want to cause a rift. There's only a couple families in the home and we're all friendly.

In any case, I appreciate the insight. DH was home today so if necessary it will be my turn tomorrow. LO's temp was back to 98 by lunchtime. We'll check it in the a.m. and keep our fingers crossed.

thanks, Mamas.
Hope your LO is feeling better, mama. Borderline illness is tricky. I really struggle with school and making that choice in the morning. DH would always send them and I would always keep them, so we almost always butt heads.
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