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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

I have a 35 weeker in my arms right now. Tomorrow, she will be 3 weeks old, I made it to 35 weeks 2 days with her, and she stayed with me the whole time. She never needed any extra help. That being said, I had a 34 weeker that got the shots, and he needed 12 hours in the nicu, I had a 36 weeker that didn't get the shots, and she needed 48 hours in the nicu. Sylvia, my baby was super healthy and hasn't had a single issue. My doctor did everything possible to keep her in every extra day because she said they really don't do the shots after 34 weeks any more. I was so blessed to be able to hold her and nurse her 30 minutes out of surgery. The NICU team told us half of 35 weekers need time in the nicu, the other half are fine. They said girls do better, and for some reason white babies did the best. I still don't understand that one?
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