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Re: Whole chicken for more than 1 meal?

Family of 7, and here is how it works for us. I usually get at least a 5# bird (depends on where I get it, my local farmer usually has bigger birds, but not always). I almost always roast the whole bird for the first meal. We have chicken, lots of veggies, and maybe some fresh bread (depending on how motivated I was that day). After that meal, I remove all the meat from the bones, and set it aside for another meal. I cook the carcass in the crockpot for a loooong time for stock. I usually have about 2 cups of chicken left over, which isn't a lot, but it is enough for many things: enchiladas, quesadillas, chicken pot pie, chicken and dumplings, chicken noodle soup, etc. While I don't plan on getting more than one more meal out of that chicken, sometimes there is enough left from Meal 2 for someone to have lunch the next day.

I used to be able to get three or four meals out of that one chicken, but our family has grown and they all like to eat. I only plan on two meals now, and anything else is a blessing. I second adding more veggies to your meals; I find that adding another package of frozen veggies to the dumplings or more carrots to the soup bulks up the meal without complaint. Using your homemade broth adds significant flavor, which helps a lot when the meat is a bit stretched. Sometimes, I just cook two chickens so that there is lots of meat leftover for all the dishes we like with cooked chicken.
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