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Re: 12 BGE With Detached Soakers

How much for all of the BG diapers with shipping?We have 6 kids with the youngest being 4 months.I have to use cloth as baby girl is allergic to disposables.We cannot afford to buy them new.I have a few prefolds and covers and bought one used BG to try.I know you need to make most of your money back as I would do the same.We cannot afford a high dollar amount.My hubby pulls two full time jobs and we are still paying medical expenses for the baby.She was premature and very sick when she was born.We are not poor but with 6 kids and medical expenses we struggle.If you can come up with a good price I would love to buy them.Also I could not pay until Thursday around 11 am.My hubby's check is deposited then.I use paypal.I don't expect them to be free and im not asking for anything free but I wanted to be honest about my situation and not waste anyones time.I fully understand what it takes to take pics, list and answer messages.Thank you for your time.Please let me know what you would charge.My personal email is

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