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Re: Starting at 19 mo. considered EC?

In my mind there's a difference still. EC is helping your child use a clean, hygenic place to eliminate their waste for THEIR own benefit.

PTing is training a child to use the toilet so the parents don't have to change diapers anymore ;-)

It's definitely subtle - and hugely generalized - but I think an EC mindset is more of helping the child learn that there is another alternative to a diaper. There is no right or wrong, no timetable, no expectations. But here's an alternative that is more comfortable for the child, cleaner, faster (back to playing faster!) and even, more fun! Mom or dad or someone can always come along and make bathroom time fun - unlike those pesky hold-the-toddler-down diaper changes.

PTing is more focused on rewards and charts and did you do it Right?! Did you Get It?! Are you a BIG kid now?!

EC is just natural growth. Do you want to use the toilet? Do you like wearing wet clothes? Do you like to flush that smelly stuff away? Do you want to hurry and get back to what you were doing? and whatever answer is given is fine! No rush, no timetable, nothing to regress over, nothing to get defiant about, nothing to hide.

Therefore - I would do EC with my 19mo
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