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Re: Lil Shamrocks - January chat

Christmas was great but man I could not wait to take down the decor and get my house cleaned up and back in order!!

Had our 32 week opt last Friday-our first of every two week opt. Baby is measuring right on. Every thing looks good.

All registered at the hospital-I declined there hour long tour....all I need to know is where to park and where the mat ward is...that's it, that's all people!.

We have everything we need and then some. I'm so ready to have this baby-I just want to hold her already but I have to say this pregnancy has gone but super fast which is nice...the next few weeks are going to fly!

I feel pretty good, starting to get more uncomfortable during sleep and my stomach these days is constantly upset-heartburn and so on...

Got baby crib set up in our room and looking ready to go-now just waiting for baby!

In regards to birth control-condoms until DH goes for the snip which will be a few months after baby is born. I know we are done but I'm so sad when I think about REALLY being done-the snip is so final but I can't see DH wanting a 4 and honestly we could not afford it-I'm hoping when baby comes i will feel complete and ready to take that step.
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