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Originally Posted by crunchymamaNY
I've had 2 early miscarriages. This time around, I asked the midwife to check my progesterone levels and they were low. So, I couldn't afford the pills that were prescribed to me and bought the natural cream at the health food store. I had no side effects with it. I was able to switch to prometrium Rx at 8 weeks gestation, and I'm now nausiated and ill (I just posted a more detailed version of this in the pregnancy board). I'm thinking strongly of going back to the cream, even though it's more expensive....but hoping I only need progesterone for another 2 weeks tops, so perhaps I may wait and see.

Do you have symptoms of low progesterone levels? Check online for symptoms of it. I know with me, periods can be irregular, boobs quite sore, and horrible cramping during ovulation, and sometimes during menstration.
Use them vaginally for your daytime dose and you'll get less symptoms.

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