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Re: Homeschooling help ? Canada

Im still in the planning stages myself, my kids are still too little for any real school stuff but this is a good place to get a lot of basic info about HS

they have some links to places that sell curriculum as well. The only issue ive ran into is initially i wanted to purchases a full curriculum with canadian content, unfortunately something like that doesnt seem to exist so im stuck putting together my own. but it turns out i think i may actually end up liking that a little better, it lets me get exactly what each kiddo needs.

i have some more links with stores ect that im liking if youd like me to pass all that on to you, id be more than happy to, i just didnt want to spam you :P

anyways good luck with your decision, im sorry to hear your little one is having a hard time in school, it stinks that bullying seems to be starting younger and younger so sad

im from Barrie btw, its nice to see someone nearish to me on here!
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