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Should I try and get my kids chicken pox?

Just found out last night that the chicken pox is here in my area. We don't vax for chicken pox. ODD had one does when she was a year old but that's it. A couple of years ago I thought she had it but had very few spots and DS didn't get anything. YDD is 19 months and I'm wondering if this is too young to try and get it, if I should wait another year?

Thing is, this is a really good time for this kids to be sick...I'm not in school and not working. I plan to go back to school or work sometime in the next year, so it would be less convenient. But, I don't want to have YDD get it if she's too young. She's still nursing and is quite needy right now, nursing like 10 times a day already, so I'm worried that it will be a nightmare if she's uncomfortable and itchy and wanting to nurse even more than she already does (I'm a little burned out on the nursing). But then again, maybe it would be nice to still be nursing as a means for comfort.

I also found out this morning that this place is over an hour away from me. I know that's a poor excuse, but an hour+ in the car is not easy for my toddler. Driving there and back would be tough on her (me too since she will be mad). Trying to decide if it's worth the drive.

Thoughts? Let's not make this a vax/no vax discussion, please.
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