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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Morning mamacitas.

I feel so badly for your niece and teachers everywhere. Teaching should not feel like such a hostile work environment. And it makes it scary for the kids too. School should not be a scary place.

Feel badly for your student too Jess. That is just straight up bullying, IMHO, autism notwithstanding. Kids can be such jerks sometimes.

I talked to DH about G's behavior, and he brought up something I hadn't considered. G always was super sensitive to allergy meds and decongestants, that just drove her her insane as a baby/toddler. She has had this nagging allergy cough for almost a month, not bad enough to keep her from sleeping or from school, but enough that we have been giving her the only meds that she doesn't appear to react to (Dimetapp). She's been taking it all this time, and he's wondering if it built up in her system and is affecting her behavior. It makes sense, when she was little and reacting she literally went bonkers and could not sit still, follow directions, take naps, etc and now she is pacing a lot of the time, constantly interrupting and changing the subject in discussions, and can't follow more than the first step in directions. So I didn't give her any meds yesterday or today and we will see if it makes any difference.
I still cant get rid of the nagging feeling that Ginger is ADHD.
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