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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Originally Posted by redgirlsmama View Post
Yep. I am just glad Bella isn't doing it. It would be awkward to be fired for spanking my own child while at work on the playground but seriously they are really good with the special needs boy in their class. I really don't think that if they truly knew what was up that they would continue the behavior. But I am sure the discussion they had at first grade was vague and about being nice to all of their friends. This needs to be more specific with examples of how what they are doing hurts her. My sister was telling me that they have found higher functioning autistic people need more meds as they get older, because they get anxiety knowing that their behavior is inappropriate and that other people think so too, but they can't seem to stop themselves.
I can see that being true. I know I suffer a lot with that. I am really unsure of myself in public now and am almost panicked to the point of not being able to go anywhere other than work (and that's getting harder and harder every day)...I dont even go to the kids schools/kindergarten any more.

There is the work Post Christmas dinner on Saturday (I couldn't make myself go to the last one), it's doubtful that I'll manage this one.

I dont go to any knit nights either because of the grief I got from them before my surgeries.

I dont even go shopping. Not for food or anything else. I buy everything online.
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