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Pros and Cons to Natural Fiber Inserts???

So, I have a new baby due in April, and my son is only diapered at night now. My stash which I will be reusing with my daughter is mainly BG, Charlie Banana, a few RaR's....all with the microfiber inserts they came with. While all the diapers still work fine, the inserts are a little dingy now and no major smell but they do retain odor quite easily. I had to strip about every 2 months or so.
I have always heard natural fibers don't retain smell. But are there disadvantages to switching my inserts to hemp/bamboo/cotton??
Any good ones you recommend to work with my dipes??
Also, is it best to get rid of MF alltogether? Or should I stuff with 1 mf, and 1 natural fiber??
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