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Re: July 2013 Chat: Jan. 1-6

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
I am sorry your not feeling better. Are you on Reglan right now? There is a suppository that you can take. I was prescribed it but never took it. I can't remember what it was called.

Were your previous pregnancies like this? I am so sorry your having to deal with this.

AFM - I got my OB appointment made for when I am nearly 16 weeks!!! Seriously? I am going to refuse most tests so why have an appointment that I will refuse much of the stuff? I did IVF. I pretty sure that I didn't get a STD since my transfer! Oh well, I have a lot to talk with my OB about so maybe it is for the best.
Ladybug...hopefully your OB will be good about hearing your refusal of everything and you can just move on at your apt. Sounds like you have a LOT of dr.'s apts. to deal with .

AFM - None of my previous pregnancies have ever been this bad...I've had puking, MS, and nausea...but never to the point where it was not sort of controlled vs. controlling our life (which is where I feel like I am right now). It's caught me off guard. So, the most recent me I tried was Compazine...which did pretty much nothing...I was worse on that than on the Zofran - it's like I wasn't taking anything at all. So, the dr. says at this point the Zofran pump is my next best option - but that will take a few days to get set up. Which means I probably have to tough it out til DH gets home and they won't set me up til next week, but the nurse is going to call back later today and let me know what she can find out about timing and all. I am not excited about it - but I do hope it works. With 4 kids at home (oldest just turned 7) I can't be puking all day and night...that just doesn't work...and it hurts and makes me so tired!
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