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MMAO! This is a huge lot (16 trainers) of vinyl outer dappi training pants. These are a low end, you get what you pay for sort of trainer...they came with imperfections as shown in the photos. They were exactly what we needed for my dd but she outgrew them...She used these for 3 weeks before she outgrow them I bought them on Dec 11th and stopped using them by January. I'd prefer to sell the entire lot for $35 $30 $25 $20ppd. They are size 4, 35 1/2 - 38 lbs. I think it would be more accurate to say they fit a child 30-35lbs or a slim child up to 38 lbs. My dd outgrew them at 36 lbs but she's got some chunkalunk around her waist so if your child is a very slender 36 lbs child they may fit. I didn't fuss with any stain removal process so some have stains but most are stain-free. I tried to really highlight the imperfections in the photos so that there are no surprises. These a basic, no fuss, inexpensive, cheaply made trainers. $35 $30ppd for all 16 trainers that were used for less than one month.

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