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Help!! Night time feeding question.

I am posting this in this spot and another hoping to get some ideas. Our little guy just turned 1 year last month. Since birth he has never really slept thru the night always waking at least once or twice to eat even when we stopped nursing. A few nights here and there he will not wake-YAY! however it is not consistant. So we have come to the issue where he is fully on cups, no bottle during the day but at night he still wakes for his milk and sadly he seems legitimately hungry he will kill the 8-9oz bottle. He is tiny so for a while to help with weaning we were mixing half formula and half almond milk hoping to wean for formula and bottles at the same time. Well ya NO he will not take milk from the cup at all he just wont do it. So at night we tried the cup and listened to him scream scream scream finally caved and gave the bottle back. No we dont give him his bottle in bed we get up every night 2x and make the bottle feed him then he goes back to bed.
So my question is how can I wean off the night feedings and the bottle, without losing my sanity
Any ideas would be much appreciated
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