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Re: Let's talk dishes

I realize most of this thread is fairly old, but wanted to comment.

Dishes are somewhat mixed for me. We have 10 dinner plates, 10 small plates, 10 cereal/soup bowls, and 12 snack bowls. We have that many of everything because the dishwasher doesn't necessarily need to be run every day, and this allows us two meals as a family. We homeschool, so 4 of us are here for basically every meal and every snack. I hate doing dishes, so I don't want to do them after each meal in order to have clean dishes.

However, if you expand to the rest of the kitchen, I'm fairly minimalist. I have a small kitchen and don't have all the cabinets full. I have stuff in each cabinet, but could condense a few of them without trouble. That is including DH's shot/beer glass collection that never gets used, but he won't get rid of.
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