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So, apparently, despite the fact that my appointment sheet said we were seeing "the team", and despite that he got a referral from his pediatrician, today's appointment was just an evaluation to see if he needed an evaluation. It was with just one doc (instead of the team that was listed on my sheet) - a developmental ped - who decided that yes, he DID need a formal evaluation. I said to her, "uh yeah, I sort of thought that's why we were here today?" She said that she just does preliminary evals to take some of the burden off of the childrens hospital. Ah, no wonder we got in so quickly. Looks like we're going to be waiting a few months for the ADOS test. Sigh...I was sort of hoping something came of this appointment to push our insurance in to covering his therapy...

ETA: The good news (I guess? lol) is that he did display some of the behaviors that I was trying to explain, but he did a surprisingly good job of following her directions and engaged her in endless conversation, so the combination of those made him fall into their "grey area".
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