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Re: Thinking about pulling DS out of public school

Hi there Kim!

You are getting lots of great varied suggestions for this post.

Homeschooling can be daunting especially if you have family that isn't supportive.

Homeschooling is different from one family to the next. We have 4 DDs who had never attended school. We don't use a curriculum and so far this has been working out for us.

You can certainly homeschool inexpensively and you should strive to do so. There is I've heard other parents on here are quite happy w/ it although they said it lacks lots of content in history. Headoftheclass is free!! There are other on-line sites like and another one I can't think of the name, you can use these to print out worksheets and the annual membership is under $25.

Don't forget the library is a wonderful resource to get many free books and DVDs. Some libraries also have great programs (i.e. story time, science club or whatever).

In regards to the relatives who will have difficulty accepting the idea of you homeschooling don't worry about it. I wouldn't let them know about what you have decided to do. If it comes up you can listen to their concerns and then just let them know this is what you have decided to do for your family.

You may have support groups in your area where you can get together w/ other homeschoolers for classes, programs and other things. This may also be a great way to take a good look @ what families are using and to decide what is best for your family.

Best wishes and feel free to ask more questions.
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