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Poop in every diaper!!

My son just turned one at the end of last month. He has switched to milk and has obviously increased his food amount.

He WAS pooping about 1-2 times a day, for the past week or so he's gone in every diaper during the day. He doesn't go all night and then goes about 6 times during the day. WHY is this happening?

He eats a banana and some oatmeal or a waffle/pancake for breakfast. Lunch is usually a jelly sandwich and maybe some goldfish or something and dinner is what we eat (veggies, protein and carb usually).

He is doing about 20oz of milk a day
No juice or water, he doesn't care for them. He might have a few sips in a day, but not again for a few days later.

He also eats 1 pouch baby food a day to get in more fruits/veggies.

So what's causing it?? It looks normal. Usually ploppable, sometimes more squishy and otherwise he seems fine/acting normal, I just don't want to wipe so much poop!!!
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