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Our oldest ds is nearly 10. Next school year he will be in the 5th grade, this is the year the kids are separated and go through a educational series about puberty and s3x. I've been thinking about whether I will allow I'm to attend, and I'm still on the fence. I want to talk with him first. Problem is, he's a very introverted child and doesn't like to be uncomfortable. Body things are uncomfortable for him (even though we've assured him body things are normal). He's not talkative and never has been, he's just quiet and is happy to be that way. How would you approach a child who might not WANT to know but is getting to an age where needing to know the facts/what's normal is necessary. I always thought we'd do the 'age appropriate answers' for this but he's never asked.

Fwiw, our other boys haven't ever asked either.
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