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Re: Update from the MW...lots to think about

Thanks everybody. I did talk to my MW on the phone this afternoon and she said that her husband had talked to her about me last night. She said that at this point, things are looking much better as far as the BP, protein in the urine, swelling, weight gain and all that, but it's very fragile. Apparently she was reading my mind because she gave me a huge lecture about how dangerous it would be for the baby and me if I let things get out of control again and reminded me that I'm only doing so well because I'm following orders and being careful. She said that she thinks the cramping is probably more related to the vomiting than anything else and the vomiting is probably a bug since I'm the 5th patient to call her with that today. She said to stay hydrated and stay in bed and she'll see me first thing Monday morning. She did say that she would keep her pager on this weekend and that there's a note in my chart that they are to call her if anything happens with me, regardless of which doc is technically "on call". She said that on Monday she'll check me and probably strip my membranes and see what happens. So for now, we wait and pray a lot...
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