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Originally Posted by Midwife@heart
I just think that no one should feel weak at the sight of a woman nursing her child. If they do then they should deal with their problem. I should not have to cover just because of it.
I was sad when I used to go to church and see women with husbands. Here I was a 33 year old, single mother of many years. I never felt it was my right to tell them to stop holding hands or to tell the cute men to hide from me so I wouldn't get sexual thoughts. It makes no sense.
We will have to agree to disagree.
I'm not saying you should have to cover up. I don't think forcing nursing women to cover themselves in service actually solved anything. I was just saying the attitude of dismissing the other side's discomfort out if hand isn't helpful.

It's hard to really talk it through via a forum when you can't see someone's facial expressions or hear their tone of voice. :-).
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