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BOGO This weekend only!!!!!

This weekend only I am offering a buy on get one 1/2 half off sale!!! Buy any item and get another that is marked at the same price or less for half price!! Hurry, sale ends Sunday night.

I have made all these sets from upcycled quality wool. Any questions please let me know. I also have them available on Etsy but am offering them cheaper here.
First set is this adorable newborn ice skate set. It consists of wool pants with 2 side pockets, long sleeve ice skates shirt and short sleeve teddy bear shirt. The pants 100% red wool with 2 side cargo pockets. The ice skate shirt was made from a onsie. This outfit is great as just an outfit alone but it can also be used as a cloth diaper cover.
Pants dimensions: Length 12", Inseam 6", Rise 16", Waist 15"
Long sleeve shirt is preemie but it came from a onsie and was lengthened so it fits more like a newborn
Short sleeve shirt is newborn
$30PPD in the US

More items as of 1/26!!!

Brand New Size L 2T-3T Upcycled Dark Blue Longies. Seams are serged and pant legs have a rolled finish. These look so comfy that I want a pair for myself.
Waist - 19" (elastic unstretched)
Inseam - 11.5"
Rise - 19.5"
Length - 21"
$12 PPD (within US)

New Upcycled Pair of 6-9 Month Black Pants. These are girly because I gave the pant legs a lettuce edge. These are super soft!
Waist - 14.5" elastic, unstretched
Inseam - 6"
Rise - 17"
$12PPD (Within US)

Gray with green, burgundy, tan and black design upcycled longies in 6-9 Month size.
Waist - 14.5" elastic unstretched
Inseam - 7.5"
Rise - 16"
$12 PPD (within US)

Next I have 2 skirty soaker pants. I made the pants a slim fit so they would look like leggings. The skirt and waistband are a gorgeous teal wool while the pants underneath are a dark gray. They have an added layer thru the soaker zone. One is newborn size while the other is slightly bigger at 3 Months. My daughter wore one of them twice but I can't remember which size so one is new while the other is like new. I have this short sleeved stripe shirt that is size 0-6 months to go with one. You can decide which pair you'd want the shirt with.
Newborn size:
Waist 12" (ton of stretch tho)
Rise 14.5"
Inseam 4.5"

3Mth Size:
13" (ton of stretch tho)
Rise 15.5"
Inseam 6"
$20ppd each alone or $23ppd with the shirt (within US)

New Upcycled gray Small wool soaker. Added layer thru the soaker zone. I machine stitched a face onto the butt of it. It is in gray thread so it's subtle but just an added touch.
Waist - 13" (no elastic)
Rise - 14"
$9ppd (within US)

New Soaker Skirty size Medium (6-12 Months). The black waistband and soaker have a ton of stretch so it may even fit up to 18 months. The skirt is a teal, blue and gray. I just tried it on my 13 month old to see how it fit and it looked SO adorable (I'm tempted to keep it for her but we are using pockets now). It has an extra layer thru the soaker zone.
Waist 14" but it stretches a ton
Rise - 15.5"
Inseam - 2"
Length of skirt - 7"
$19PPD (within US)

New Onesize Navy Blue Upcycled Wool diaper cover. It has a row of snaps to adjust the rise and a double row of snaps to adjust the waist and leg openings. Edges have been serged with polyester thread and there is elastic at the back and legs.
$19PPD (within US)

Used Upcycled Newborn Wool Covers. These all are close in size with the gray one being the smallest. These should fit up to about 10lbs. Our daughter was 7lbs at birth and we were able to use these for the first 6-8 weeks. I put double leg gussets on them which I found to be essential for all those newborn explosive blowouts. This contained the poo extremely well. They are all double layer so they were pretty bullet proof. They are all hook and loop closure. As you can see, I experimented with the design some. The all red one was my first one and I turned the wool inside out to sew so you wouldn't see the seams. That's great but it did make for a bulkier diaper. Plus it was my first gusset attempt and well it wound up a looking more like wings. It works fine but isn't a diaper I'm proud of. For that reason the red one is only $6.50PPD (Within US)
The other 3 were either zigzag stitched or serged and the gussets are the right size. They are each $10ppd (Within US) or get all 4 for $30PPD

Last is what I would consider a micro preemie cover or could even be used on a doll. It is gray wool with green wool inside. This somehow got washed and felted the exterior wool. It shrunk from a newborn size to this. I have it pictured next to a cover that is a small size (up to 15lbs) I no longer have the green cover on the left available. Hook and loop closure.
Micro preemie cover $6ppd (within US)

None of these items have been lanolized but if you need me to, I can lanolize them.
All prices are shipped in the US. If you need international shipping, please contact me for a quote.


Next set is this 3 piece ballerina set. It consists of a ballet shoes front snap onsie turned into a shirt, upcycled wool longies, and upcycled chenille hat with wool bow. The pants 100% grey wool with a chenille heart patch on the rump and were felted before being made so they are extra leakproof. The shirt has chenille sleeves to make it a long sleeved shirt and ruffles on the back.
Size 3 Months
Pants dimensions: Length 14", Inseam 7", Rise 15", Waist 16"
Hat is 15" diameter
Shirt is 3 month.
$33PPD within the US SOLD

Next is this cute 3 piece dino set. It consists of a dino onsie turned into a shirt, upcycled wool longies, and upcycled wool hat with diamond shaped wool embellishments. The pants and hat are 100% wool.
Size newborn
The pants could be rolled at the cuffs.
Pants dimensions: Length 12", Inseam 6", Rise 15" Waist 15"
Hat is 13" diameter
$33PPD in the US SOLD

This newborn ladybug set is just too precious! It consists of a ladybug shirt, upcycled wool longies with sparkly red wool skirt, and upcycled sparkly red wool shrug. You can't see the sparkles in the picture but in person it sparkles. Honestly pictures don't do it justice. The black wool longies are 100% wool and the the red is all wool with a synthetic fiber for the sparkle blended in.
Size newborn
Longies/skirt dimensions: Length 11.5" (skirt length from top of band is 7"), Inseam 5.5", Rise 14.5", Waist 13.5"
Shirt is 0-3
Shrug sleeve length 7" and overall length is 6" long.
$37PPD within the US SOLD

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