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Doodle left!!!

I will describe all diapers to the best of my ability, if you have any questions or need an extra pic of something please ask!! I wash in Tide and we do have dogs. I'll do my best to pick off the stray hair or two, but don't hate me...I have two little ones and not a lotta time!! Please feel free to make offers as well. And PLEASE ask questions. I've described each of them, but if you want specifics ASK ME!!!

NB Diapers:
These are three XS BG 3.0's. They are seconds (with the X on the tag). MAYBE very, very, very faint staining but I really don't think so. Would like to sell as a lot $12ppd.SOLD!!!

Four S BG 3.0's. These are also seconds. Again, maybe faint stains, but nothing the sun couldn't handle. Take the lot for $$14ppd. SOLD!!!

One lone prorap. No stains and only used for about two weeks. FREE with any other purchase or $3 for the shipping on this only. SOLD!!!

One dozen of EACH GMD yellow edges and Diaper Rite purple edges. They're the same size, just different brands. These are stain free, as far as I can tell, but there are one or two of each that have a rust-like spot that I cannot remove. GMD's $27ppd SOLDand Diaper Rite's $20ppd. Diaper rites SOLD

Five BB mini coveralls. These were our favs for the first few months. LOVED THESE!! No stains. $25ppd for these. SOLD!!!

OS diapers:

SOLDTwo grobaby (on the left) and two grovia shells. The grovias have had snaps placed by Grovia. The green one has a tiny hole, and slightly relaxed elastic (which i never noticed until i got them out to take pics). $8ppd for each and $7 for the green one. Seaside stripes shell SOLD

SOLD Nine organic cotton inserts, all with a bit of staining but nothing that the sun wouldn't take care of. $5ppd each, but I'd rather sell in lots so MMAO.

Left side: Two size 2 Thirsties duo fitteds.(SOLD) They worked great for nighttimes on my ODS but not my YDS for some reason... Some faint staining, again they need a bit of sun. $12ppd for both

Right side: Top is a size L BG 3.0 AIO. $5ppd (SOLD) Bottom is a Doodle Dype with some staining. $9ppd.

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