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Re: Thread Killers Unite!! Come join in and chat!

Originally Posted by SamanthaSews View Post
Oh pretty good. Caden slept well last night so we had a good start to the day. DH is still under the weather but he made it to work today & is starting to feel better thanks to NyQuil.

Caden & I went to target this am. I found him a great fleece jacket for $18.99 & got matching hat & gloves too! So now he doesn't have to wear that puffy coat in the car, which I know is a big no-no but I didn't have any other options & didn't want him sitting in a freezing cold carseat. So I feel better about that.

We didn't get to do tot school today. But I got some laundry done!

And I got a nap today! Even though I had a good night sleep I was still tired today. AF is due later this week & it's making me tired.

Anyway, I'm planning next weeks tot school now. I'm excited. I changed my plans a bit & I think Caden will like it better than my previous idea.

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That is great! It sounds like a wonderful idea. You should give your DH some vitamin D- maybe that will help him from getting sick again? My neighbor came over today (she's a ped) and said she tested her son in law for the flu and he has it. I went over there today! Ugh.

I am glad you got a nap in. I miss napping with the baby. I loved when she was tiny and we napped a lot.

I hate the no puffy jackets in the car seat. I use a fleece jacket for the baby now too but worry she will freeze! I add a blanket too.

Originally Posted by SamanthaSews View Post
Oh & How was your day Jen? Hope it went well.

And Sarah! I hope DH tells you about wild boar hunting cuz I'm strangely intrigued & wanna know!

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We went to play group and then to the grocery store and came home. My DH is off the next two days and I am excited. I'd like to do some more decluttering if we can.

I agree about the boar hunting. I wonder if they taste like pork?
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