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Re: MEOS vs. Sandy's

Sandys are WAY better. I LOVEL OVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. As for sizing...depends on how tight a fit you are comfortable with. My son is a bit over 16 lbs and 4 months old. The smalls fit him nicely, and he is on the middle snap on the leg and on the waist the tightest snap on one side and the second snap on the other side. He has medium sized thights and a big waist. I do have a few larges and if I put them on the tightest snap they fit, but are a bit big/bulky and I don't know that the legs are tight enough to keep breastfed poop totally contained. I use them for night diapers as I got them by accident and figured I'd keep them as he will grow into them. But for now the smalls would be the size you need and they last quite a while.

Oh, other awesome thing about Sandys? If my son is being an idiot on the changing table and pulling his legs up/refusing to lay still I can snap the sandy and then pull it on like pants. I imagine that will be awesome when he is running around!

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