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Sleeping through the night

My little guy will be 3 months old this weekend. And he's already sleeping through the night pretty consistently. I have been pretty lucky with all my BF babies in that they tend to sleep all night pretty early.

Thing is, I don't remember when it's ok to stop pumping in the middle of the night.

With DD2, she was sttn at just 2 weeks, going over 6 hrs. She was 12 hrs solid before 2 months, but we had a lot of issues BFing. I was getting up to pump in the middle of the night, twice a night, until we gave up BFing at 5.5 months.

I honestly don't remember the situation with DD3. She has always been really easy going and we nursed until a year. I remember she STTN pretty early too, but I don't remember when. I don't remember pumping in the middle of the night at all.

So, question is, when can I STTN with the baby?
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