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Re: Cooking for larger families.

Originally Posted by drkelli View Post
I only have 4 but I WOH 3-4 days a week. Freezer cooking and Costco have saved my life. I found a mama who has a 4 week grocery list and instructions but don't know if I can post the link here. Pm me if you are interested
I would love to have your list, I will try to remember to PM you, but if I don't, please send it my way :-) There are 9 in my family and I used to cook alot more than I do now, but we had several big changes in a small amount of time, so cooking from scratch had to go :-(

Originally Posted by MyGlorylife View Post
we are a family of 12 and we do a lot of meal flipping. So I cook 2 roast chickens in my roaster/crockpot and thats one dinner (with sides) then harvest the meat left overs to flip to meal #2 like chicken tacos or stirfry, then for meal #3 boil the carcasses down over night to make chicken soup.

most of my meat dishes are like that and can be flipped into 2 or 3 meals. We also do "stretchy beans", make out own bread and yogurt. My food budget is $700 a month and we rarely go over that.

We do a lot of veggies and fruit. Rice cereal/porridge in the morning is a huge hit and also a flip meal. If I do rice with say a stir fry the night before I make extra rice so that I can do porridge in the morning.
I have done the "meal flip" with chicken before, but I don't know how to do it with other things... can you give more examples? Also, what are stretchy beans? I have done the bread, yogurt, and rice too... Thanks for your expertise :-)

Originally Posted by NotLad View Post
My grandmother cooked like this for her family of nine (ten when I showed up!)

She could do a million things with potatoes. One of my wedding gifts was "101 potato recipes". Dh and I were poor college students and we ate a LOT of potatoes!
What were some of your favorites? :-) I like potatoes, but I do baked, and loaded mashed... and that is about it LOL I am not super creative

Originally Posted by beckstar View Post
twice baked potatoes stuffed with veggies are a good side and very filling. they also keep/freeze well for leftovers.

soup, salad, bread dinners are easy to double/triple/or more, freeze well and are very nourishing.

ive been meaning to bake eggs in muffin tins and then assemble breakfast sandwiches from english muffins and serve/freeze...that's an easy way to make a bunch of eggs at once and not have to be hovering over the pan.

frozen pizzas that you add veggies and meats to are a real big hit aroudn here. costco sells cheese pizzas that are surprisingly made from very whole, natural ingredients...tho i imagine making your own pizzas are more cost effective.

i really need guidance budgeting. we eat/take out a LOT.
Do you bake the eggs and then sandwich them between English muffins or are they served separate? This sounds interesting to me :-) I like saving steps :-) That is kindof what we do with bacon... instead of pan fried, we layer it on a cooling rack inside of a cookie sheet and broil it. Saves the grease (for use later) and cooks the bacon PERFECTLY, at once, and a lot less mess :-)
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