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Re: Today is the day!

Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
That's a bummer! Are you sure insurance coverage will be better? Most private insurance will not covet anything that is for an autism diagnosis. I've known a lot of families that were getting some help when it was ADHD or something else but once they got a medical diagnosis on the spectrum that stopped.

Do you have an autism team through your school district? We actually do in nebraska and we are generally behind in those areas
When I called our insurance they said that they would be willing to cover certain OT therapy and speech therapy with an autism diagnosis (maybe not to the degree I'd like, but it would be something!). My son has a lot of diagnoses, but the insurance company is not convinced that any of them should require therapy (and the one that they did accept, they recently reviewed and turned down because they felt like he wasn't making progress). Frustrating, to say the least.

I'm not sure that we have an autism team, I highly doubt it - but even if we did, wouldn't he still have to be officially diagnosed for that to be considered? The school district doesn't do any actual diagnostics that I'm aware of.
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