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Charlie Banana update

I emailed charlie banana since I was having problems with the metal adjuster sliding into the leg casing while my boys were wearing the diapers and while washing them. When this happens the legs leak like crazy, and its very annoying constantly adjusting the leg sizer when you have 24 of them! So here is what they emailed me back saying

Thanks for your email. If the metal bracket is sliding into the leg casing after the wash then there are two options:

1. Adjust the buckle to the desired size.

2. With 2 fingers, hold the buckle into place (just outside the leg casing) and fluff the elastic into the leg casing to even it out.

3. Continue to hold the bracket and now stretch the elastic upper front of the pocket.

4. Your diaper is ready to wear.

If option One does not work then:

Another option is to adjust the metal bracket to a smaller size letter or even further than any letters printed on the elastic and let the bracket slide into the leg casting. This will allow you to keep the right leg sizing as the buckle will be set firmly in the the leg casing. You might experience a small bunching on the front side panel of the diaper which you can simply pull when you snap the diaper onto the baby.

Can we know if the one size diapers you have are with or without a little pc of fabric underneath the buckle?


Winc Design

I am currently doing option 1 but worried about wear on the elastic from always adjusting and the metal piece still goes into the leg casing while they are wearing them. I can try the second option but again worried about the metal rubbing the pul in the leg and causing more leaks. Since my diapers do not have the extra fabric piece to hold the adjuster out I asked if they would be willing to send me the extra fabric and I can attach it to my diapers to prevent this problem. Ill let you know what they say!

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