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Re: For anyone struggling with ammonia & wanting to get rid of it naturally

Originally Posted by AZmommy View Post
I'll mention it again here.. I was starting to get some ammonia the diapers smelled great when washed and all but when changing the baby it was stronger and really strong in the pail. I can NOT do vinager my DD gets horrid rashes with vinager no matter when I add it I tried just doing a deeper clean and adding some bleach again great smelling diapers but ammonia smell when changing she was even reeking of ammonia in disposables though..
It occured to me that she wasn't getting in the ussual amount of water I'd been relxed on her intake of juice and milk and she was drinking way more of those and way less plain water..
I focused on increasing her water intake and the ammonia issue resolved itself with out any change to diaper laundry.
That's really interesting. However I don't think it had anything to do with our issue, as DS drinks only water (other than BFing of course), and plenty of it. Good to know that can be a cause, though!
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