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Re: Today is my brother's birthday.

I actually know exactly how you feel. I had something similar happen with my uncle and aunt who were more like siblings to me. My uncle was only 2 months older than me and my aunt is younger. When things came out about my grandfather (their father), my step-grandma cut us off completely. I was much younger at the time. It was hard because to that point, I'd grown up with them, lived only a few houses down and was babysat daily by my step-grandma. They moved away. I thought about them all the time. I was 13 when all this went down. When I was 15 (uncle 16 at the time), my uncle was killed in a car accident. They didn't even call us and didn't want us to know or come to the funeral. We found out "through the grape vine." I was devastated. We did go to the funeral. (no drama. It was HUGE and we hid in the back.) After that on my own, without my mom, I contacted my step-grandmother, who I had previously been very close to. We kept in contact for a while and then lost touch again. I think about them often.

I never regret telling. In fact, I wasn't the one who told. But, I do really wish I hadn't lost contact with them. I think of them especially on big days, my wedding day and the birth of my children. I wonder if they ever think about me. It's sad.

If I were you, I'd go for it. You really never know if or when you might never have the chance again.
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