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Re: Sleeping through the night

Like I always say, we live parallel lives.

My babies all slept through the night early too. Mine has been doing it since 7 wks. He now sleeps 8-9 hrs. I have had supply issues in the past too. So, I understand that fear of losing your supply if you go to long. I want to get up at night, but just can't seem to do it. I ignore my alarm and go back to sleep. What I do, which is working, is pump before I go to bed around 11 each night. He usually wakes up around 6am to nurse. So, it's about 7 hrs without nursing/pumping. I try not to go over 8 hrs though sometimes I do. When I do, I'm really full. Today, I'm super full because for whatever reason, he did not do his constant nursing from 6pm to 10 or 11. He fell asleep around 9pm. I got him up and nursed him at 11, but he only took one side and it wasn't drained. I knew I should have gotten up to pump, but I'm fighting a stomach virus and my back is hurting. I didn't want to pump. I was in pain this morning.

If I were you, I'd not go over 8hrs if you can help it. Other than that, I'd start sleeping unless you need the freezer stash. I'd love to get up and take advantage of the night time fullness for my freezer. (I'm paranoid about my supply and build as big a stash as possible for supplementing in case my supply tanks.)

Congrats on a sleeping baby! It's wonderful!
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