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Re: Sleeping through the night

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
I am not currently concerned about supply, just maintaining it. He sleeps between 8 and 12 hours most nights (last night, after I posted, he woke up twice to get "a snack" lol) and I am concerned about going that long without nursing. He usually nurses some time between 6pm and 8pm, and then he falls asleep for the night. Then he's not usually up until some time between 4am and 6am.
Mine were in bed by 8 too. I would get them up to nurse just before I went to bed for a dreamfeed. Usually 10-11pm. They would then sleep until between 6 and 7am by 10 weeks of age. You can always try a dreamfeed to help with supply and also maybe let you sleep a little later in the morning This is a well known trick among those of us that work to create predictable routine and great sleep habits in our breastfed babies.
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