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Re: Medication Issues

Originally Posted by halielise924 View Post
I could try that. Not sure what fenugreek is though. And I can't imagine my husband finding it. Although I pumped 2 oz later last night and over 5 this morning so I may if been just upsetting myself. There isn't enough stored in the freezer so my baby will have to take organic formula a little. Pisses me off

As far as my health: I don't feel any better, and they're stingy with the Tylenol! If its not getting better when they ultrasound it this even they're going to just cut it out (my first request!). They can just reopen my csection incision so no new cuts. I'm still fevered and getting so fevered I'm vomiting. No good. I miss my kids. Thank you all for checking in on me.
Fenugreek is used to help increase your supply. Not sure if they will let you take it while you're in there, though. A friend of mine went from 2oz every three hours to almost 6oz every three hours, by just using Fenugreek for a few days. She takes it daily now. It can be found at a health food store, like GNC or something. Just have your hubby ask one of the workers.

All they are giving you for pain is tylenol? Geez. I have to take something stronger than that, even when I just have an ovarian cyst! The crap is painful!
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