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Re: Sleeping through the night

Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE View Post
Mine were in bed by 8 too. I would get them up to nurse just before I went to bed for a dreamfeed. Usually 10-11pm. They would then sleep until between 6 and 7am by 10 weeks of age. You can always try a dreamfeed to help with supply and also maybe let you sleep a little later in the morning This is a well known trick among those of us that work to create predictable routine and great sleep habits in our breastfed babies.
I hear of this all the time. I've been trying it with this baby (same age as OP, 3 months on the 12th). Mine won't wake up. Once he is asleep, he will NOT wake up to nurse no matter how hard I try. It's frustrating because I always hear people talking about it, but I can't make it happen.
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