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Re: HS Check in. Dec 31-Jan 13

Originally Posted by 3boys_mom View Post
I believe it's been brought up before…anyone have any experience with their child and speech therapy? DS3 is at the evaluation stage and I'm wondering what I/we can expect for the coming weeks/months.

Our son went to speech therapy through the school system for a couple of years. He did summer school the first summer, which was a couple hours 3 days a week and he was in a class with other children that had similar speech difficulties, so they could all work on the sounds together. During the school year itself, I took him up to the school a couple times a week for a half hour. At each evaluation they would ask me some questions, talk to him, etc, just to ascertain where his problems were. We would then meet with the speech therapist to set up a plan on what was going to be worked on over the next few months. We usually met again at the end of each semester to go over his plan again and see where we were. And while I didn't sit in the class with him, the teachers (he had two therapists) were always ready and willing to sit and answer any questions I had. Oh, and they would send home work for us to be doing during the week, too.
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