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Re: Charlie Banana update

Originally Posted by mothergooseofthree View Post
Hmmm, I had one in my TTC stash and LOVED it (would love it more if it came in aplix). It felt really nice and I liked how the back elastic is encased in soft fleece instead of PUL. I also liked the front pocket. But after reading the other thread, I realized that mine did not have an extra piece of material to keep the adjuster from slipping into the casing. Since I had not washed it, I sent it back to the retailer for a refund. I am hoping the have the issue worked out before I ever need dipes.

However, I think they should offer to fix the dipes that are already out there with this issue. I am disappointed that they are taking a "just deal with it" attitude. It is a pain to pull those elastics out after every wash and leaving them in the casing will probably cause the metal to rub a hole in the PUL eventually.
Thats exactly what im afraid of. Im really hoping they will just send me the material to add the extra piece of fabric to them. I have a sewing machine so it shoudnt be too hard. I have 24 of these diapers and I love them but they are pretty useless since they keep leaking because of the metal piece. Just keeping my fingers crossed they will help me!
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