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Re: January Stash Game Chatter thread

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
They look GREAT!
One of my tricks for sewing skirts is to iron the hems first. I cheat like I do with everything I can to make it quicker and easier. I take a piece of cardstock (any matte card stock will do so scrapbooking paper works but you can use old doctor appt card/business cards too!) I draw a line with a permanent marker 1/4 or 1/2 inch from the edge straight across it using a ruler. (Whatever measurement I want the seam to be). Then I fold the fabric over the card stock to the line and iron. I move the card along in the fabric fold as I iron. (The card stock is fine to be ironed over). I repeat that to fold the fabric 2x so there are no rough edges on the inside of the garment. It is the quickest method I have found to do a hem that will be "perfect" every time. It is also a great method for making elastic casings.

Have you tried french seams yet? If not, you will love them! They make the insides look nice and professional. (the insides won't be stringy after you wash them) Basic concept French seams on a pillow case dress so you can see it actually being used in the construction of a garment.

I know you are new to sewing so I hope you don't mind a few tips. really confusing. I think I am going to have to read through that a couple times...haha!

And I tried a french seam really early on, and it made ZERO sense, but I should probably try it again.

YES! I want tips You all have seen and heard my poor woes in new sewing.
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