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Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(

We always put the Culturelle powder packets right into the bottle and had no problems at all. But if you already have probiotic drops, by all means, use those! son has been on it for 11 months now and hasn't had any constipation issues. It is normal during a formula switch to see a change like that though, while the body is adjusting. All babies are different, so some need Elecare rather than Neocate and vice versa. Our doctor prefers Neocate (no idea why) so that's what we went with. Either way, the probiotic should help with the adjustment too!

It sucks to feel like a first time mom, when it's not your first child! Our first 2 had no issues at all with breastfeeding (and formula later on) or reflux or anything. Our 3rd threw us for a loop. Silent reflux, refusal to eat (which killed my supply and broke my heart when I could not get it back up, despite meds and a hospital grade pump), weight loss/lack of gain due to the reflux and refusal to eat), weekly weight checks and almost hospitalization, constant crying, diarrhea, bla bla bla. Once we figured out his issues (dairy and gluten), we got him straightened out, thankfully. Our struggle wasn't nearly as bad as some, but it was still a rough road that we did not expect! I definitely feel for you!
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