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Re: Cooking for larger families.

Originally Posted by elioraimmanuel View Post
Ditto the doubling!

I have a huge crockpot, a huge stainless steel pot, a huge roasting, and a huge round pan for the oven that is 2" thick and a 17" Lodge cast iron skillet! The skillet is oven proof and is large enough to cook fried rice for the whole family w/leftovers or to do any casserole. I use the big round "cake" pan for casseroles, too. In the crockpot I can do meat, but not enough veggies....I have to add to the meal.

If I'm making a whole roaster chicken I add extra drumsticks so that the kids all get a leg. I stretch out meat when I make burritos, asian dishes etc by adding lots of rice and veggies! With spaghetti sauce it's more sauce less meat. HTH!
For your Mexican dishes, using fideo is a huge time saver. It cooks up super fast and can be used in tacos, burritos, cassaroles, etc just like rice. I just boil some up in a little bit of water with salsa or tomato bullion and use it as a side as well. Toss scambled eggs, beans and veggies into it and it makes a quick/filling main dish with some more veggies, torlillas and a salad on the side. My family likes a little cheese and sour cream/greek yogurt on top when we eat it as a main dish, but that's a personal prefernce thing.

Oh and it's really cheap too.
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