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Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
No, you have to be diagnosed by a doctor.

But...good teaching/services shouldn't change just because you have a diagnosis. You teach the child, not the label. This is a soap box of mine. I hate that services have to wait til you get a diagnosis. If the kid needs XYZ to be successful in the classroom, he needed it two weeks ago before you had the label. He's still the same child. There is just more paperwork in his file.
YES! This is the war I've been waging on our insurance is absolutely maddening. They refuse any additional coverage until someone labels Owen under a label they will accept. He was denied his much-needed therapy for six weeks now thanks to being label-less (he was able to go today, finally...because I raised some money to pay for it OOP). Hate it, but don't know how to change it...and it looks like it will be months before he'd get some sort of AS diagnosis - IF he gets one, since he is borderline.
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