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Guess I should introduce myself :)

we have a heartbeat

I'm 7wks 2days....measuring exactly on date.

I have been sooooo nervous to jump in and say hi as I've had 3 previous miscarriages.

At 5wk3d I started having severe sharp pains and bleed...thankfully no clots, but still very stressfull.

This baby is definately a miracle as we only dtd one time that month and several days before I was suppose to o.

DH is slowly coming on board about the whole thing. He was definately not happy when I told him I was pregnant. He used the words "miserable" But last night he started talking more about baby. So that's good.

No one knows about baby except my bff (whom I called the moment the pee hit the stick, crying because I knew dh would not be happy)...and my parents found out when dh told them I was bleeding, who in turn told my sisters. Other than that no one knows and probably wont know until at least February.

I've been feeling quite queezy and very tired. Which I keep telling myself is a good thing.

I'm on 200mg progesterone suppositories 2 times a day (which I was on with dd and my last m/c) as well as baby aspirin daily.

I continue to pray every day that I will be able to hold this baby nice and tight come August.
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