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Lightbulb BumGenius Bamboo, TotsBots Bambozzles, sbish, goodmama

Bum Genius Bamboo fitteds
6x small
1x extra small / newborn

These are great little fitted diapers for new born babies. Perfect with a wool cover.
These are well used but in good shape.

$10 each or take the bunch for $50.
Shipping to the USA and Canada included.

So many Tots Bots Bambozzels $10 each, MMAO on the lot. We loved these diapers. They are all snaps and are seriously absorbent. Really a great over night diaper. I even blogged about them I liked them so much:

5x size 1s these have quite a bit of wear on the snap in doublers and one is missing one snap on the doubler. This doesn't effect usability.

8x size 2s, 6 have the snap in doubler, 2 have it sewn in. The snap in ones have some wear on the doublers, the sewn in ones look perfect.

{SOLD} "Fifties Dinner" goodmama obv with awesome cherries print. Last photo shows 2 small holes on the outer edge and fading which apparently happens with this print, otherwise in great shape. $15

sbish large. I dyed this green as an experiment, it worked . This diaper has a few of those tiny holes that come with age. An excellent way to try a sbish fitted without the usual price tag. $10

check out our AIOS:

ISO Willing to trade for totsbots Easyfits with snaps

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