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Re: Need to decompress a little

I'm not following; What exactly do you mean talk to him more? Like during play? As in "I am putting the blue block in the red basket now you help me take the blue block out of the red basket" type play? If the above is what you meant then this type of descriptive play is pretty standard protocol for children with speech delays. They mean you just need to talk to him more during play, as well as regular day type stuff like "oh here Mommy goes opening the front door." Also describing verbally the pictures they see in books is helpful vs just reading the words on the page. All the above examples are just parenting tools to help them pick up language. Most parents don't do this naturally which is why they make the recommendation but the recommendation doesn't mean you are a bad parent.

Now after saying that I wasn't there and really can't get a real sense of how she came across to you. If you don't like her then request someone else next time. I have found out the hard way a bad therapist can do more damage then no therapy at all.

I am sorry you are having such a rough time. Being a special needs parent means you are constantly on an emotional roller coaster; right now you are down but next week or next month he will make a baby step in development and you will be on the crest of the hill over joyed. Getting through the low times is tough just know eventually you will get to a point where things will go better.
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