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Re: Happy Homemakers - Cleaning Game!

I'm joining late so just going to do the tasks on this page to catch up a bit:

Clean something up in your livingroom.
Cleared a space in the middle of the floor and set up some toys so the baby would stay happy while I clean. My living room needs a lot of work, but it's a start!

Clean a shower/tub.
Cleaned the bathtub.

Pick a bathroom, and clean something.
Wiped down the bathroom counter and cleaned the sink

Straighten a bedroom for 5 minutes.
Picked up dirty laundry and swept under the bed. Found 3 bottle lids!!

Do something with laundry
Hung up the diapers that were washing and put in a load of towels.

Clean off the counters in your kitchen, either clutter, or wipe them down.
Cleared off the counters and scrubbed them down really good with vinegar/water spray

Do something with the dishes.
Put away the dishes from the drying rack

Next task: Pick one appliance in the kitchen and clean it inside and out. I'm going to do the microwave.
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