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Re: HS Check in. Dec 31-Jan 13

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
My DD had speech therapy through early intervention and also at a clinic. EI was awesome but I would guess that the child you are talking about is too old for that. We also had a very good therapist at the clinic. There's really not too much to the evaluation, and when they are young most of the therapy is play. Yours may be different though if he is quite a bit older.

As for us...I called the optometrist but he said we have to keep going with the reading program I hate. He said this is to be expected and in another month or so we should start seeing major leaps of progress. Unfortunately I'm not the patient sort and this month will seem very long.
I probably missed this somewhere along the line, but what exactly was your son's dx? I would be interested in understanding why memorizing word families is the answer to the problem. I'm not trying to second guess the dr., but I'm just curious as to how this person is qualified to say that "this" particular program will work for your son. It doesn't seem like something that my optometrist would do.

I do remember that it was a certain specialty, I just can't remember what it was.

As for us... kids have been doing great. The girls were done before lunch and now DD1 is getting ready to head off for her first archery practice.

DS did some reading last night but didn't catch up completely. I think we'll end up bumping a day's work back to next week.
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