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Re: How did you decide?

With my second daughter it had something to do with going back to work and my limited knowledge and support pumping, etc.

With my older son I wanted to make it 6 weeks and then three months. We ended up going three years. Daddy felt three was a good age to wean. Me, I though I'd feel better have a date to remember, and I thought it'd be easier weaning him being able to say you're a big boy now (and stuff) so our last day of nursing was the day before he turned three. He was nursing once or twice a day (if that) at that point and had made tremendous strides in weaning himself so it was just some gentle nudging and replacing nursing with other forms of affection and special moments.

Coming up on three years with K I knew she wasn't "ready" like her brother to wean at three and told Daddy so. He stopped prodding about weaning at three though he sometimes will say things like "You need to stop nursing soon, you're a big girl now." to her. I tell him, basically, she'll wean when she's ready and to leave her alone. I wasn't really ready for her to wean either, truth be told, but if she was ready I wasn't going to force her to continue. We're still nursing at over 3 1/2 years...and I'm really happy she's still nursing through cold and flu season. I don't know when either of us will be ready to wean...we'll see. I figure when the time is right we'll know.

Noah is still nursing at almost 15 months. He's less of a boob addict than his sis so who knows! I have no plans to wean, we'll take it one day at a time though I'm thinking he'll self wean much earlier than his two older siblings.
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