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Originally Posted by monica-m View Post

The benefit could be a child that survives or is less injured in a serious accident. How is that outweighed by the opinions of misinformed people?
I don't think I said I agreed. I am explaining that I have talked to several of.our police department and fire fighters and.even our more crunchy places here and none have ever.given me the advice to keep baby turned around past two. They infact look at me like I have two heads. This forum and then finding other forums from here are the only.places that I have found.

When u live in a world where there is no info you wouldn't even know to question it then what is happening in the community is a factor.

I am not going to argue risks or non risks. I believe as long as you are not breaking the law you should do what you think is right as a parent. For me I didn't have more information so I 2.5 year old around earlier than two because she wouldn't stop throwing up in the car and crying non stop. We tried everything until we had her on benedril even for 20 minute rides. I made the turn her.

Now my dd4 is 8 months.old and does well rfing. I have no intention of.even considering turning her around until two but I have no clue what I will decide then because I dont know what she will weigh or her height.
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